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First Week!
my new digs

My first week at Runscope is almost done and it’s been great so far. Re-learning python is easier than expected, although I still am going to need to start getting further into debugging tools and probably need to re-read some useful bits on advanced programming in python. I’m enjoying being in a small group again, it’s been a while since I’ve had the freedom to see a bug or a missing feature, fix it, add it, then ship it in the same day. Diving back in to Emacs as my primary editor has been fantastic, I missed it’s simplicity compared to Eclipse. I’ve started adding  a few things like flycheck to my Emacs environment to help me write better python, and so far it’s working great. The Runscope team is working hard and we’ll have some awesome tools to share with everyone pretty soon.

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Suzette celebrates some birthdays

Suzette celebrates by simpleproof
Suzette celebrates, a photo by simpleproof on Flickr.

Suzette decides to let loose and celebrate some for some of her friends around the country born on March 27th!

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Elliot enjoys the sunshine

Sunshine by simpleproof
Sunshine, a photo by simpleproof on Flickr.

Elliot relaxes in the sunshine on a warm Sunday afternoon. Shot through my LensBaby.

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Foggy Commute

Foggy Commute a video by simpleproof on Flickr.

Foggy ride down Harrison St. this morning in the Mission. Normally you can see almost to downtown!

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Time for grinding!

Time for grinding! by simpleproof
Time for grinding!, a photo by simpleproof on Flickr.

Nearly finished making new legs for our coffee table!

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Happy Holidays!

An adorable rabbit wearing an adorable tiny pilgrim hat.

A little late for Thanksgiving I realize, but it’s pretty adorable no matter what.

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Innovation Day

Here at Opower, twice a year we do something called “Innovation Day” where we get to stop our normal work, and focus on a 1-2 day project of our choosing. It can be directly related to the business or a complete tangent. The idea is to foster creativity, allow people to work across teams, across business units and most importantly, to have fun! This Innovation Day I got to work with two friends on a game about energy savings. I’ve never written a game before, other than tiny little text adventures, so this was a fun chance to learn a lot about 2D games. We chose to use Crafty.js a Javascript framework for games and managed t build a decent little proof of concept.

The goal of the game is to turn off all the lights in the map while the bad guys keep trying turn them back on.  We got the controls working, the map rendering and sprites animated, but alas, a working AI for the enemies was out of reach.  Still for only 10 hours of coding, with a totally blank canvas, I’m very happy with what we built.

Check it out here:

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Suzette poses for a portait


Our newest family member seems pretty happy to have a whole office to herself!

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Spring is slowly arriving

It’s getting a bit more spring-like here in San Francisco, by that I mean that there’s a few flowers and it’s rainy and cold. So mostly the same as fall and summer and winter 😉

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