I hate my TODO list

There it sits, with three things on it:

  • Call Ryan
  • Email Mom
  • Go get prints framed

And every time I look at it, I avoid it.  It’s not like these are complicated, deep-thinking, back-breaking kind of issues.  They’re just reminders to do some basic things that tend to slip through the crack when I spend all day in front of a computer reading or writing or staring at cat pictures.  Yet I still can’t help but reimagine these simple, and sometimes enjoyable tasks, as homework assignments.  The curse of the internet is the allure of the “new” just around every corner.  Oh a new Clojure article? Did Crockford give another interview about speed vs. readability in modern JavaScript? Did a new ROM for my phone come out?

Once in a while I’m able to construct a todo list and not view it as an assault on my personal freedom to do what I want, when I want.  Those few times I feel I’ve truly dedicated myself to the tasks at hand, so it seems fruitless to have expended the energy of making the list at all.  I would have been hard at work regardless of the piece of paper with little scribbles on it.  Maybe I’ll start doing this regularly and it will become more natural, but I’m not overly optimistic since it means the first item at the top of my mental todo list every day will be “write todo list for today.” I think I’ll do that after I have coffee and catch up on any funny cat pictures I missed.

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