Innovation Day

Here at Opower, twice a year we do something called “Innovation Day” where we get to stop our normal work, and focus on a 1-2 day project of our choosing. It can be directly related to the business or a complete tangent. The idea is to foster creativity, allow people to work across teams, across business units and most importantly, to have fun! This Innovation Day I got to work with two friends on a game about energy savings. I’ve never written a game before, other than tiny little text adventures, so this was a fun chance to learn a lot about 2D games. We chose to use Crafty.js a Javascript framework for games and managed t build a decent little proof of concept.

The goal of the game is to turn off all the lights in the map while the bad guys keep trying turn them back on.  We got the controls working, the map rendering and sprites animated, but alas, a working AI for the enemies was out of reach.  Still for only 10 hours of coding, with a totally blank canvas, I’m very happy with what we built.

Check it out here:

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