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Building scalable data systems

In my tenure at HubSpot I’ve been on teams that have built and rebuilt various data systems and every time we’ve tried to construct “scalable” solutions. We’ve hit the mark on some projects and been wildly off on others. I’m on … Continue reading

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On Traveling And Being A Nerd

I love traveling, the thrill of seeing new and unfamiliar places and people is really unbeatable.  The downside is that I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating an environment in which I thrive as an engineer (for more info on … Continue reading

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Nook Color Review

I recently upgraded from a no-name Chinese Android 2.2 tablet to a NOOK Color. The difference was astounding. I really liked the skin Barnes & Noble has applied on Android.  It looks slick and operates really smoothly. The device itself … Continue reading

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Starting writing again

This is just a post to start me in the habit or writing at least once a week on personal, tech or otherwise interesting topics.  I intend on doing meaningful short essays, but can’t guarantee that my writing will be … Continue reading

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